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Grant Garrison
Grant Garrison is currently the leader and facilitator of all of the Parker Player Improv workshops and classes. 

He is a graduate of the prestigious Second City Conservatory for Improv Actors in Chicago, IL as well as a graduate of the iO (Improv Olympic) Theater Improv Acting Program.

Grant discovered improv through an introduction to improv workshop in 2002.  Shortly after attending this workshop he joined and began performing with the long running Clown Box Improv Comedy Troupe of Fort Collins, CO.  While performing with the Clown Box, Grant began leading improv workshops and teaching improvisational acting to teenagers at Debut Theatre in Fort Collins. 

After five years of teaching and performing in Fort Collins, Grant decided that he wanted to advance his improv skills even further by moving to the center of improv comedy, Chicago, IL.   While training in Chicago, Grant performed with independent improv troupe Penny Candy, The Playground Theater’s Blanket Jackson, and Second City’s Baby Patrick. 

After 5 more years of performing in Chicago, Grant thought he had hung up his “improv gloves,” when he moved to Parker, CO.  However, it didn’t take long before Grant realized that he needed improv a lot more than improv needed him.  Grant founded the Parker Players Improv Theater Company in 2016 with the goal of both spreading laughter from improv comedy throughout Colorado and helping members grow in their self-confidence and appreciation for the art form.
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