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Audition for The Parker Players

Are you interested in joining The Parker Players and you already have improv experience, prior training or a background in acting? The Parker Players will be holding open auditions for membership. We are interested in immediately adding new members to our theater.

Parker Players membership includes the opportunity to perform in our regular monthly shows which take place in Parker, Colorado; as well as shows that may be privately booked. Membership also includes on-going, weekly, personal instruction from a graduate of The Second City Conservatory for Improv Actors to help you continue to grow your improv skill-set while you perform with us.

We will audition in a two hour long workshop format with some current members so that we can get a real sense of your skill-set and chemistry with current members.

Auditions will be with Saturday, 2/9, from 2-4pm at The PACE Center in Parker, Colorado.

Callback auditions will be Saturday, 2/16, from 4-6pm at The PACE Center in Parker, Colorado.

Auditions slots are limited, and will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis, unless someone does not qualify to audition.

To qualify to audition:
  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Have some level of either acting training, or improv training. (Which could have been from any point in time from anywhere.)
  • Not be a former member of The Parker Players.

To sign-up to audition, complete this survey and reserve your spot. (We will send you a confirmation e-mail confirming your spot after you complete this survey.)

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