South Denver's premier improv comedy theater company and non-profit organization.  Offering improv comedy instructional workshops and hilarious performances across Colorado.
Parker Player Comedy Classes:
Improv comedy is a fun and life-changing performance art form that will help you grow self-confidence as you discover your inner funny and learn that you can handle anything life throws at you!  This 8 week class reviews the Fundamentals of Improv Comedy.  Each week you will laugh and bond with your classmates while you learn new principals of improvisation.  There are so many reasons people join this class; some are looking for a level one course in improv acting, some want to brush up on previous improv lessons, and some students just want to boost their public speaking skills and feel more confident in front of a crowd.  No matter what your reason is, all experience levels are welcome! Grant Garrison is a graduate of the prestigious Second City Conservatory for Improv Actors in Chicago with over 12 years of teaching experience.

Individuals who particpate in this class will be considered for Parker Player's Performance Troupes.  This is how we audition. 

Sign Up Here - Spots are limited.

Interested in a youth improv class for ages 13-17?

Sign Up Here  - For Youth Improv

If we have at least 8 students interested, The Parker Players will schedule a Youth Improv Jam.  But we have to get at least 8 sign-ups first.